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Hi everyone welcome to my website.

I worked as a Registered Nurse in the ICU and Cardiac floor for almost a decade. I have many amazing and happy memories from that time. But there were also many sad moments. 

Not everything bad can be prevented, but I feel there are areas modern medicine overlooks. I thought as a nurse I had a basic knowledge of nutrition but once I began looking for an alternative to medications I was devastated by how much I didn’t know.

Improving nutrition and lifestyle changes are things nurses teach to patients daily, but it is mostly handing out papers and discussing a few foods to avoid based on the patient’s health condition. Hospitals, Doctors, and Nurses typically only give very basic and dated information. 

Why I started my natural health journey

It took years before I realized how drastically a few simple changes can change someone’s life. I realized quickly how bad my “healthy” choices were. Even after I started to learn about healthier alternatives it took time for me to truly believe anything natural could really help. 

When you work in the medical field for years it’s hard to adjust your beliefs. What finally changed my mind was my husband’s struggle with allergies. His allergies were year rounds not just seasonal. 

We started with going to a family Doctor. From there to an allergy specialist. He received allergy shots, which helped, but then he developed new allergies and needed to start again. He was on 3 different allergy medications. 

He had terrible sinus headaches daily and we ended up going to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. After discovering polyps and inflammation in his sinuses he has sinus surgery to remove the polyps. We hoped surgery and the allergy medication he was still on would help the pain. 

None of it worked. It was years of doctor’s appointments, thousands of dollars, and daily medication that turned him into a zombie. 

Turning to Alternative Health

We didn’t know what to do. Everything I had learned told me doctors should be able to find an answer. But their answer was to be on meds that made him a zombie and that the sinus surgery would probably eventually need to be repeated. Since he developed new allergies after allergy shots he could very likely develop more.

I knew something wasn’t right and there had to be other options. It took years (6-7years) for me to look into alternative health. The only thing I regret now is not doing it sooner. 

Within days of changing his diet and adding a few supplements, his daily headaches started to improve. 

In a few months, he stopped taking one of his allergy medications. By 6 months he was off all his allergy medication and no longer a zombie. He could function outside for the first time in years. 

It was a night and day difference. He continues to take supplements but a few supplements that improve how he feels overall vs allergy medication that had him sleep 14hours a day is a better option. The supplements have improved his allergies better than any allergy medication or surgery. 

Finding reliable information is hard

You can find some really weird information online. It gets difficult to know what is real and what is completely made up. Also, what works for one person will make things worse for someone else. 

I try to put information on there that is backed by studies. Not all alternative health treatments are backed by studies so some we test personally. 

Before making any changes always check with your health care provider. If you are on medication supplements can affect the medications.

Research and find what works for you. Most of all if you have been told there aren’t any more treatment options and you have to deal with whatever the disease is, don’t give up hope! There is sure to be something out there that will improve your health. 


Any good supplement that can improve your health will interact with medication. It may not be directly related but as your health improves you may need less. If you start improving your health and your high blood pressure improves but you continue to take blood pressure medications it could be a problem. 

Regardless of your health care provider’s stance on natural supplements, it is important to have a health care provider. Remember they are there to help you with your health. Tell them what you are taking or plan to take. They can adjust any medications or caution you against something that could have major consequences. 

More health care providers are becoming supportive of vitamins or minerals. Some even natural supplements (that’s still a little rare). Some will even do testing for vitamin levels. A good health care provider is a valuable asset even when it comes to alternative health.  

It can get complicated when talking about supplements, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. I try to keep the information as simple as possible to understand, but it can still be confusing. I’ll be more than happy to try to help if you have questions. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section on any page. 

Klynn RN

Disclaimer – This is not medical advice. Before making changes to your diet, adding supplements, or changing your lifestyle discuss it with your health provider first.