About Me

Hi everyone welcome to my website. Working as a registered nurse in the hospital it was amazing to see people who were too sick to even sit up, walking around a few days later. There were many amazing stories, but there were also many sad moments.

Not everything bad can be prevented, but sometimes I feel there are areas modern medicine overlooks. I thought as a nurse I had a basic knowledge of nutrition but once I began looking for an alternative to medications I was devastated by how much I didn’t know. Improving nutrition and lifestyle changes are things nurses teach to patients on a daily basis, but it is mostly handing out papers and discussing a few foods to avoid based on the patient’s health condition. Pretty much only very basic health information and not always all that useful.

I thought Doctors would surely have training on the importance of nutrition. With all the training they should have a vast knowledge of nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and the importance of lifestyle in preventing and helping cure diseases. I soon discovered that with all the hours of schooling and training they also truly knew very little about it. To me this was unacceptable. I began learning anything I could about nutrition and natural ways to improve health.

Why I started my natural health journey

It took many years before I realized how drastically a few simple changes can impact someone’s life. Learning how bad some food and drinks are that I used to consume on a daily basis. The dizzy spells I frequently had stopped after I cut down on drinking coffee and started to drink more water. Migraines that I had on and off since I was a teenager improved after I stopped drinking soda and taking magnesium.

I suggested a few changes to family members. Eventually, I could see their health improving too. I started to buy books and take classes to get a better understanding. Learning how vitamins and minerals can improve some health problems better than prescriptions. Being a nurse I used to laugh at this idea. It wasn’t until I experienced health improvements myself and in my family that medications hadn’t help, but using supplements for a short time did, that I started to realize how valuable information on natural health can be.

Finding reliable information is hard

I read many things on the internet. At first, I had no idea what to believe. After a few years of learning (and testing a few things on some willing test subjects), it was easier to recognize good information. I want to share what I have learned with others in the hopes that anyone who wants to can find simple information about how to improve their health can.

It can get complicated when talking about supplements, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. I try to keep the information as simple as possible to understand, but it can still be confusing. If you ever have any questions or need help leave a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to try to help.