Does Local Raw Honey Help With Allergies

When searching for alternative treatments for allergies local raw honey came up often. It left me wondering does local raw honey help with allergies? If it does then how does honey help?

Many alternative health websites recommend raw local honey claiming it has a similar effect as allergy shots. Some claiming some pretty impressive results.

Most medical websites deny the possibility of local raw honey helping. Dismissing the idea almost as a joke or making raw honey sounds dangerous.

I spent years myself working as a registered nurse dismissing ideas like this only to turn around and find out how wrong I was (it hurts my pride to admit that). I decided to look into the idea of local raw honey helping allergies for myself.

Why Raw Honey? What’s The Difference? 

The only difference between raw honey and regular honey is how they are processed.

Raw honey is removed from the hive and strained. After being strained it goes into jars to be used.

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The Benefits of Quercetin and Bromelain for Allergies

During the worst of allergy season, quercetin and bromelain for allergies can be a lifesaver.

Quercetin and bromelain work especially well for sinus pain and pressure. Along with a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy watery eyes. Not only does it help relieve symptoms it helps improve inflammation in the body.

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Best Probiotics for Allergies

Best Probiotics for Allergies

Do Probiotics Really Help?

There is some conflicting research on this topic. Some studies indicate probiotics work best when used by pregnant women, to prevent allergies in children or infants. Others claim there are no benefits, and some studies report people had improved symptoms when taking probiotics during allergy season.

The results could be due to several reasons ranging from the strains of probiotics that were used to the length of use. Many factors can affect the studies.

Although the results of the studies are conflicting, taking a high-quality probiotic is unlikely to cause any problems. If you do try a probiotic don’t expect results overnight. If you try a probiotic and symptoms don’t improve in 3 months it may not be the right probiotic, or simply may not help your allergies.

The Best Probiotics for Allergies

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